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The Board of Directors for our foundation are individuals that exemplify characteristics of empathy, genuity, dedication, integrity, and selflessness.  All members of the BOD are able to vote on decisions made regarding approval of applications received from “Lucy’s Warriors” and decisions will be made by coming together to ensure each and every Warrior receives the best possible option we can provide. The board can not provide legal advice to families or, medical advice. Instead, they will help point families in a direction to help them with resources if it is outside their scope.


Our Board Members

Janey Sprouse-Cadenas (She/Her)

President/Founder Parent and Kid’s Advocate

Caitlyn Colvin (She/Her)

Vice President

Taylor Colson (She/Her)


Wendy Martin



Our Ambassadors

Katie Hosea

Physical Therapist


Occupational Therapist


Speech Therapist

Elya Martinez - She/Her

ASL/Special Education

Melissa Guiggesburg

Legal Executive

Annie Wardle

Director of Marketing